Monthly Archives: February 2010

Launching Of Ships & Surgeons

Hello World!  Today I’m pleased to christen and launch Of Ships & Surgeons, a blog about the history of maritime medicine. I’m Tom Snyder, MD (Captain, Medical Corps, USN, RET), the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Society for the History of Navy Medicine.  Andre Sobocinski of the U S Navy’s Office of the Historian, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery and I started the Society in May 2006 to serve as a virtual place of “Community, Collaboration and Camaraderie” for people interested in this  little corner of the history of medicine.  In this blog, I aim to highlight news, views, events, trends,  publications and “the thinking” around the history of medicine as it relates to the maritime environment, above the water, beneath the waves and ashore.  I will borrow copiously from students of the discipline, of course giving credit where credit is due.