On Historian Outreach–The Invitational Blog

by Thomas L Snyder

One of this Society’s current themes is historian outreach.  We encourage our members–the people who do the heavy lifting of historical research, study and writing–to get out and about to meet and talk with their public. We believe this is especially important for academics who labor in public universities, because their paychecks come from the taxes the public pay. The Society recently established a Speakers Bureau as a means to this end.

Last week, Professor Bill Eamon from New Mexico State University Las Cruces wrote in the listserve L-MEDMED:

As a believer in the principle that scholars should try to share their work with a broad readership, I’ve recently begun blogging about medieval and Renaissance science and medicine. Initially this was an activity recommended by my publisher and agent to get the word out about my latest book; now it’s more of a writing exercise to keep my muscles in tone between book projects. But recently I’ve noticed that the exercise has, in fact, engaged thousands of readers that I never imagined my scholarly work would reach. I don’t know if others on the list have had a similar experience but I’d be interested in learning about other blogs and, in general, if you have opinions about blogs in our field. I’ve noticed, in particular, that younger scholars and recent PhDs have taken to blogging (in some cases with very good blogs) as an entry into the world of scholarly publishing. 

For those interested, my blog is called “Labyrinth of Nature” and can be found on my web site: http://www.williameamon.com/. Recent posts include “The Aquavitae Brothers,” “The Monk Who Loved to Eat Toads,” a piece on medieval and Renaissance wound balms, and, most recently, “The Professors of Secrets and Their Books.”

Here we have an electronic version of the Speakers Bureau–the blog. With a nod to Dr Eamon, I offer an idea to our readers:

The Society for the History of Navy Medicine Invitational Blog

Here’s an invitation for you to write 400 – 600 words about your current research, a book you are working on, your current or ongoing passion, or your commentary on some pertinent subject. Email it to me with a short bio. I’ll be happy to publish your posting so long as it is related to the history of medicine of navies or of the maritime environment. I’ll feature your name prominently in the byline.  Our goals: edify our public while promoting our work. A “win-win” if I ever saw one.

Send your material to me at tlsnyder@history-navy-med.org

©2011 by Thomas L Snyder

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