Holiday Greetings

Happy Holidays!

Warm best wishes for the holidays from the Society for the History of Navy Medicine.

We hope you are able to take a short pause from your busy labors over the next week. It’s time to enjoy visits from friends and family, to partake of a bit of the wassail, and, perchance, to share a child’s excitement at the prospect of Santa’s visit.

This might also be the week when we can reflect on our accomplishments of the year nearly past, and on those near-misses, too. We can start to plan the mid-course corrections that will, we hope, bring even more accomplishment and contentment in the year to come.

I invite you to consider adding a “public historian” element to your endeavors in 2012. Put together that PowerPoint you’ve been thinking about (I find that just organizing the slides forces me to look at my sources in an active sort of way), then take your historical knowledge out into your community. There is no end of groups who are very interested in what you have to say: Rotary, Soroptimists and other service groups; church groups; local historical societies; junior college history or student activities organizations; veterans groups; public libraries; the list goes on. I guarantee you: once word gets out that you have “something to say”, the invitations will flow in. And it’s fun. You will be amazed at the stories people will bring to you, information quite relevant to your topic at hand.

Finally, if you have a few bucks in your pocket as the year comes to an end, please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation for the History of Navy Medicine. The Foundation sponsors the Society’s Student Travel Grants Program to promote interest in research, study and publication in our narrow little corner of the world of history.

©2011 Thomas L Snyder

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