New Years Best Wishes

Your blogger-in-chief once again urges our readers to make 2012 a Year of Public History: pull together your thoughts, your material and your PowerPoint slides; then go out and promote your talk(s) on the historic topic(s) of your choice to your local community. If you’ve not done this before, you’ll be amazed and gratified to learn how much interest there is “out there” for historical material – especially if it’s “local”, or has a “local” connection. People are continually interested in their place in history – in this case, literally. For 2012, the War of 1812, of course, offers a timely connection with the past. Local Civil War connections are relatively easy to develop, as well.

Year’s end is also the usual time for non-profits to make a pitch for your tax-deductible donations. The Society will be sending out its annual dues-donation notices early in January; but if you are in a particularly generous mood, we encourage you to remember us with an additional gift of money now. We’ve made it easy to do: just click the “Donate” button on the Society Membership and Donations Page. Thanks in advance!

The Society sends our sincere New Year best wishes.

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