Briefing Medical Students on Military Medical Life: Albany Medical College-Military Affinity Group’s Symposium on Life in the Military

Earlier this year we organized “AMC-MAG” with three Missions: – to provide for camaraderie among Albany Med alumni who’ve served in uniform; – to support AMC students currently enrolled or interested in enrolling in the Health Professionals Scholarship Program; – to inculcate a culture of philanthropy to the College. I believe that ours is the only such organization in an American medical school.

(Left to Right:) CAPT Tom Snyder ’69, AMC-MAG founder and Symposium organizer; MGen Kevin Kiley, AMC-MAG Faculty Advisor and Symposium participant; RADM Jim Sears ’63, AMC-MAG Honorary Chair (Image: Martha Hubbard)

On Saturday, 22 September, the Group mounted the first (of what we hope will become annual) Symposium on Life in the Military. Our first panel – “Medicine in the Military” – made up of alumni Colonel Dave Siegal ’57, Col Michael Zapor ’75, Major Andrew Plunkett ’03, Commander Ken Ortiz (who flew up to Albany from Norfolk on Navy TAD orders)

Commander Ken Ortiz, MC, USN, Navy Plastic Surgeon, briefs an Albany Med student on Medicine in the Military (Photo: Martha Hubbard)

 and faculty advisor MGen Kevin Kiley (AMC’s Chair of OB-GYN and former Army Surgeon General) gave our attendees a comprehensive view of various aspects of the practice of medicine in the armed services, from working in a large recruiting station performing physical exams on recruits to combat casualty care near the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Two of our participants, Col Zapor and Major Plunckett, joined us via Skype – an interesting and somewhat frustrating experience…

Our second panel – Family Life in the Military – featured Colonel Siegal’s wife, Bonnie, PhD, General Kiley’s wife Babs and Commander Ortiz. Noting her expertise gained from 26 change of station orders, Bonnie gave a detailed talk on military moves. Mrs Kiley gave an overview of military programs for support of families. Commander Ortiz gave

Colonel (retired) Dave and Bonnie (PhD) Siegal with invited Army Recruiter. The Siegals gave their experience as a medical practitioner and spouse manager of military moves – after 26 of them! (Photo: Martha Hubbard)

the view from a mid-career officer’s standpoint.

At the completion of our panels, we retired to the Hilton Garden Inn across New Scotland Avenue from the medical center for a leisurely lunch and conversation.

Luncheon for Symposium Attendees and Panelists: an Opportunity to Continue the Conversation About Medical Life in the Military (Image: Martha Hubbard)

Our first-time-ever effort was quite well received. Both students and panelists expressed the desire to see a similar event next year.

©2012 Thomas L Snyder

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