More on the Navy’s History and Heritage Command

My younger son is in town for a visit before he ships out to Maputo, Mozambique for a two year tour at our embassy there, so I won’t be writing this week.

However, you might find a podcast interview with the new Director of the Naval History and Heritage Command, done by the redoubtable “CDR Salamander” to be of interest. The link delivers you to the CDR Salamander blog page; then just follow the prompts to the podcast under “Talking History”.

CDR Sala-mander’s Logo

Next week, I’ll start posting a short series on Sir William Osler’s thoughts on military medicine. Born and trained in Canada, Osler came to the US to teach at Penn late in the 19th century. He found fame as one of the “Founding Four” of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Beloved by many in the profession as the father of modern western medicine, Osler was a prodigious writer on medicine in  its scientific, philosophical and historical dimensions. I researched this topic for a paper I gave at the American Osler Society a couple of years ago. I’ll put up a distilled version of that paper.

Sir William Osler

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