Medical Diplomacy Redux

This popped up in my U.S. Naval Institute newsfeed this morning:

Hospital Ship USNS Mercy Kicks Off Pacific Partnership Mission” –

From the USNI news article:

This year’s Pacific Partnership marks the 13th year of the multinational mission that was prompted by the massive destruction following a 2004 earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia regions. With a heavy focus on humanitarian assistance and disaster response, the annual multilateral missions are seen as building and strengthening relationships with both allies and fledgling partners in a vast, global region regularly affected by natural disasters and civil unrest.

It looks like medical diplomacy, American style, is alive and well.

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  • Paul Sayles  On 23 Feb 2018 at 19:49


    I heard from an AF type at PACOM that the Navy wants to decom the AHs. Have you heard anything about if from your sources? My contact is in the international health promotions shop and works on the medical missions for PACOM. To me this is a good example of soft power in action – similar to that of the PRC.


    Paul Sayles


    • thomaslsnyder  On 26 Feb 2018 at 11:28

      I’ve not heard about Navy desires to decommission the AHs. Do any of my readers have an inside scoop on this? I commented on the matter in my post today.

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